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Each member of our team has been chosen for their in-depth experience in a specific area of our process. You’ll be working with a knowledgeable professional who understands the details of your case, and is committed to helping you meet your goals. We believe our associates have the ability to see comprehensively, think creatively, implement effectively, and make our clients feel comfortable with the whole process.

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Kenneth Samuelson »
p: 704.334.2700 ext 302
f: 888.375.5475
Robert Culbertson »
p: 704.334.2700 ext 303
f: 888.375.5475
Kris Balot, Client Services Specialist p: 704.334.2700 x.301 f: 888.865.2918 » Email Kris
Dawn Faircloth, Underwriter p: 704.334.2700 x.309 f: 888.865.2918 » Email Dawn
Marlene Floyd, Administrator p: 704.334.2700 x.300 f: 888.375.5475 » Email Marlene
Vivian Huang, Director of Case Design p: 704.334.2700 x.307 f: 888.375.5475 » Email Vivian
Gloria Otis, Underwriter p: 704.334.2700 x.308 f: 888.865.2918 » Email Gloria
Gail Thompson, Policy Evaluation Specialist p: 704.334.2700 x.304 f: 888.865.2918 » Email Gail