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Our insurance strategies help clients address a wide variety of financial concerns, including estate taxes 1, intergenerational wealth transfer, charitable giving and debt resolution.
Partners Financial
The Morehead Group is a member firm of Partners Financial, a national organization of approximately 170 select life insurance professionals. Through Partners Financial, The Morehead Group has access to:
Tax, Legal and Medical Experts 1
Medical Underwriting Advocacy
Shared Intellectual Capital & Technological Capabilities
Select group of quality, financially sound life insurance carriers with resource departments dedicated to our processes
Our services include:
Life Insurance Portfolio Management
Assessment, design, underwriting, fulfillment and administration of life insurance products utilizing The Life Insurance Confidence System®
Policy Review and Evaluation
Cash Flow Analysis for Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

1 Partners Financial, Kestra IS, and its Registered Representatives do not provide tax, legal, or accounting advice. Clients must consult with their own legal and tax advisors.