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In order to help ensure that your insurance strategy can be comprehensive and effective, The Morehead Group addresses each of the three main areas of insurance coverage. They are:
In-force Policies
Making sure the insurance in place makes sense. We start by finding out what coverage you currently have and discover whether it is effectively matched to your needs. At both our initial and annual reviews, we’ll work with you to complete our Life Insurance Scorecard(SM), and get the complete picture in terms you understand.

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Coverage Needed
Analyzing what's necessary to meet today's goals. Next, we determine what additional insurance is needed, by completing the Life Insurance Confidence System®. This 6 step process helps ensure that we make the appropriate decisions and obtain the appropriate coverage to help achieve the results you want.

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Extra Capacity
Getting value from your insurability. Finally we look at your potential for additional coverage and make recommendations for how to capitalize on that potential for your future benefit.

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